You're in the middle of a tricky lash appointment with a client who has layers of the kinkiest, curliest lashes you've ever seen. It takes a good amount of time to finally untangle and nail one of those stinkers down, but you're determined. You reach over to grab an extension and BAM, it's disappeared back into the unruly lash jungle. If only you had the extensions in closer range you could have kept an eye on that little guy! In comes The LashWrap.

I love The LashWrap because it makes my lash appointments efficient. The LashWrap puts all my extensions right on my wrist so it's a quick exchange from client, to extension, and back to client. The best part is that this bright innovation was created by a lash lady who understands how meticulous the job can be and just wants to help a sister out by sharing what works for her! And it's worked wonders for me too. My LashWrap is a must for every single one of my lash appointments, I can't imagine going all this time without it. Give it a try and LashWrap it up my fellow lash friends!

-Aspen C.

I absolutely LOVE the LashWrap!! It is so convenient having everything I need right there on my wrist. Not having to go back and forth to a tile has been such a back saver. With the LashWrap I can apply my sets in a much more timely manner. I love that the LashWrap is light weight and comfortable. It has helped me to do my job better, faster, and more efficiently. So happy with this product!!


I was not taught eyelash extensions with the 'LashWrap' but made the switch and have been using one for a little less than 1 year. It's been a dream, to have your lashes/glue up close and personal. No more tape on the back of your hand or reaching for lashes. With the 'LashWrap' everything is so neat and easy, cuts my lash setting in half!! The removable squares makes it easy to change from one curl to the next. Thanks LashWrap:)


I have had the opportunity to use the LashWrap in my eyelash extension business. I have found it to be very comfortable to wear and a very convenient way to access the lash extensions. The LashWrap allows me to work faster and more efficiently on my clients. I am able to shorten the time of my appointments due to the effectiveness of the LashWrap. I am very satisfied with my LashWrap and would highly recommend this product.


I received my lash wrap today and it has changed my life! Two clients in and I'm in love with my lash wrap!!! ...Thanks for such a wonderful product!


My Lash Wrap arrived today and I tried it out on a client immediately. I'M IN LOVE!!! I lashed faster with no discomfort, no tape on my hand, less strain which will improve more with practice I'm sure. Thank you so much!