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Dark Matter
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Dark Matter

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A 100% oil proof next generation eyelash adhesive

Dark Matter is the next generation of eyelash adhesives. It’s not only 100% oil proof but it actually INCLUDES Ricinus Communis (Castor) oil as one of its ingredients. BUT it is sensitive to alcohol! Dark matter is a revolutionary adhesive invented by Ruthie Belle that uses exactly the same high “medical grade” cyanoacrylate as wound adhesives.
This adhesive is not suitable for beginners!

Thanks to the high degree of purity of the cyanoacrylate, Dark Matter works with every humidity (we have tested working at 10-95% humidity) and at any temperature (the glue works perfectly even at 39 Celsius!).It has virtually NO fumes! Dark Matter is a very fast setting adhesive yet it doesn’t dry out on your lash plate like a regular glue. You can work with ONE glue dot 1.5-5 hours without compromising the quality of the adhesive. So the bottle will last you 3-10 TIMES longer than regular adhesive as you do not need to renew the glue dot every 30mins.

Before first use shake well for 1 minute. Once a day shake well for 10 seconds. Use glue only on the foil or silicone surface. Avoid plastic and paper as it can react to the adhesive. Let glue drop “breathe” for 5 mins before use. Avoid all high alcohol content products as they affect Dark Matter’s retention in a negative way. This applies to regular hand sanitizers if you use pinching method/finger roll to create volume fans (opt for alcohol-free hand sanitizer instead) and regular primers/glue accelerators (their main active ingredient is alcohol). Use ONLY Adhesive Superdry as a primer/adhesive accelerator with Dark Matter (it works with all other adhesives too). Use scooping technique to pick up a bubble of adhesive on the root of the extensions. This will provide the best retention. The higher your humidity the longer the glue drop will stay fresh. Unlike regular adhesives, Dark Matter doesn’t need to be replaced when the glue dot starts to dry out from the outer edge. Get a fresh dot only when you see the texture becoming stringy!

Make sure to watch the "How to use" video and read this blog post before using Dark Matter.

Dark Matter 5g stays fresh up to 3 months after opening and a TOTAL of 9 months after manufacturing unopened if stored correctly. This means the latest the glue should be opened is 6 months after it’s been manufactured: 6 months unopened shelf life + 3 months after opening = 9 months total shelf life.

Store away from direct sunlight and under 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Centigrade). You may store UNOPENED bottles in the refrigerator (not deep freeze) in the middle shelf (top and bottom shelves are always colder). Take the bottle out 30 minutes before using and shake well for two minutes. Do not put it back in the refrigerator after opening as condensed water will develop inside the bottle and start the curing process of the glue.

We manufacture them twice a month to make sure our customers always get a fresh glue. The manufacturing date is marked on the bottom of the glue as a batch number (marked Ch:...). The first two numbers mark the manufacturing date, the middle two numbers the month and the last two year.

Like the rest of our innovative products series, this glue is made in the European Union and only of the purest, highest grade ingredients to provide the best quality for you.
Dark Matter is black but it does not contain carbon black.

INCI: 2-Methoxyethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate, Dimethyl Silicone Polymer with Silica, Acrylates, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, CI 77499



Perri: "I’m obsessed with this adhesive. I’ve gotten 5+ of my friends to start ordering and using this because it is literally magic! Ive had almost no allergies in 6+ months and retention is never an issue. This adhesive pretty much life proof. I live in New England so we get all 4 seasons and humidity and temperatures vary. I cannot say enough good about this product! Order this with the rest of the liquids, watch all of Ruthie Belles YouTube videos on how to use it and I promise you’ll love it too!"


Lola: "I used to suffer from difficult environmental problems such as humidity and temperature but now with Dark Matter, my lash work is far easier than it used to be! Highly recommend people with such problem to try this adhesive out. Been using it for a month now and still having the same quality when it's new!"


Ashton: "This adhesive is one of a kind and works wonders in our every changing weather in Canada. I recommend every Lash Artist give this a try, it does not disappoint!"

Dark Matter