Who We Are

Malaena Kelson is a mom of three who loved the idea of working from home and making her own schedule. Becoming an eyelash extension technician was a great way to do this, but she ran into a lot of frustrations.

Anyone who has worked with eyelashes knows that reaching back and forth from the client to the counter can get tiring. Add into that the struggle to detach eyelashes from their strip and bring them back to the customer’s face without dropping them, and you have a lot of potential stressors.

Malaena knew she could make eyelash extension application faster and less frustrating so that she could get more clients and spend more time with her family. She knew she had to figure something out.

First, she bought a small tile to keep all her eyelash varieties on, and used a small jade stone to hold the glue. Then she tried using double-sided tape to keep the lashes where convenient, and started using an eyelash glue ring to keep her adhesive handy.

She took her concept a step further when she cut the fingers off her leather motorcycle gloves. She liked that she could decorate it, and it provided a great platform to keep the a plastic tray for the lashes on, while leaving room for the glue ring. But eyelash extensions take time, and the glove quickly became uncomfortably hot.

Finally, Malaena thought of a wrap concept. By using a breathable material such as nylon, the hand can stay cool. It can be used on either hand, and leaves plenty of room for finger flexibility and ring placement. Add a plastic tray to the top for the lashes, and voila, you have a LashWrap!

Now that she’s made her job easier, Malaena wants to share her patent-pending creation with anyone else who shares her struggles. Try the LashWrap today if you’d like:

  • to stop reaching from the client’s head to the counter and back for each individual eyelash.
  • to minimize the risk of eyelashes you drop and therefore can’t use.
  • to cut your time spent on each extension application.
  • to eliminate the hassle in trying new types of lashes for different clients. Just keep different trays full of different varieties!
  • to be less frustrated during lash extension applications.
  • to let your clients spend less time in your chair, making them happier and more likely to return.


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