Introducing - the - LashWrap

Applying eyelash extensions is faster, easier, and more fun than ever!

Introducing the lash wrap

Applying eyelash extensions is faster, easier, and more fun than ever!

Aspen C. - You're in the middle of a tricky lash appointment with a client who has layers of the kinkiest, curliest lashes you've ever seen. It takes a good amount of time to finally untangle and nail one of those stinkers down, but you're determined. more
Meiko - I absolutely LOVE the LashWrap!! It is so convenient having everything I need right there on my wrist. Not having to go back and forth to a tile has been such a back saver. With the LashWrap I can apply my sets in a much more timely manner. more
Stephanie - I was not taught eyelash extensions with the 'LashWrap' but made the switch and have been using one for a little less than 1 year. It's been a dream, to have your lashes/glue up close and personal. No more tape on the back of your hand or reaching for lashes. more
Aspen C. - I have had the opportunity to use the LashWrap in my eyelash extension business. I have found it to be very comfortable to wear and a very convenient way to access the lash extensions. The LashWrap allows me to work faster and more efficiently on my clients. more

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With the LashWrap, applying eyelash extensions is now easier and faster. Through developing this product we have learned that it's the little things that matter most! Learn more about how the LashWrap was developed and how you can change the way you lash too.

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